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135-137 Lee Lane, Horwich, Bolton, Lancs. BL6 7AG Tel: 01204 692938
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Baby Rabbits !
Dwarf Lop Rabbits at Lee Lane Pets
Dwarf Lop-Eared Rabbits
1. Cute Rabbits
2. Good Temperament
3. Make excellent 'house rabbits'
Baby netherland dwarf rabbits at lee lane pets
Netherland Dwarf Rabbits
1. Beautiful small breed of rabbit
2. Make excellent pets
3. Lively little characters
Rabbits At Lee Lane Pets !

All our Baby Rabbits are locally bred, we have used the same network of breeders for years to ensure we are selling quality pets.
We have everything you could possibly need for your pet rabbit...including Rabbit Hutches, Indoor Cages, Rabbit Runs, Foods, Bedding, Litter, Treats, Toys, Books, Grooming Equipment, plus much more...

Call into the shop and have a play with our baby rabbits, feel free to ask our staff any questions you may have concerning the purchase of your new pet rabbit...

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